We love to develop our storytelling and bring a growing audience into our multifaceted and playful universe. 

Take a look at some of our exciting work-in-progress on our upcoming film projects.


Short animation

A harried thirty-something is forced to decide whether she wants to be a mother after unexpectedly giving birth to her reproductive organs at her sist

Animated live puppet TV-series

Bug City is a tactile live-action puppet show about teenage fly Emma whose climate campaign went belly up.

Short fiction 2022

This violin must only be played on with a light heart, otherwise really bad things will happen!

Animated TV-series for children

The Huggingtons are a very different Viking clan who love to HUG! And at the heart of this family is Liv, the 6-year-old half-human/half-troll girl le

Live Action

At a beautiful, desolate farm in Iceland, a young girl who grew up overnight is spotted by some strange and mystical creatures in the mountains.

Our track record

Some of our finished award winning productions


Short film / animation
Director: Denise Hauser

Cowboy Dream

Short film/animation
Director: Lars Hegdal
Year: 2013

Ballerina Bulldog

Short film: animation and live action
Director: Jøran Wærdahl
Year: 2015


Short film
Director: Jøran Wærdahl and Vidar Dahl
Year: 2013


Short film
Director: Jøran Wærdahl and Vidar Dahl
Year: 2011


Short film
Director: Jøran Wærdahl and Vidar Dahl
Year: 2011

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Creative producer
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