The Huggingtons

The Huggingtons are a very different Viking clan who love to HUG! And at the heart of this family is Liv, the 6-year-old half-human/half-troll girl led by her BIG emotions.

Liv enjoys the freedom to explore the fantastic surroundings around her cosy idyllic home which she shares with her family and her faithful pet.

Huggingtons’ stories are about the problems that young children encounter such as: losing your first tooth, failing to keep a promise, making a hard choice, or feeling pride before a fall! Showing that it’s okay to have strong feelings, but also demonstrating how to deal with the issues that trigger them.

This is a show with warmth and a cheeky playful sense of fun. All centred around one strange, but very loving family – the Huggingtons! The Huggingtons is a verbal, preschool series that models resilience through high adventure, whimsical comedy and (most importantly) the warmest hugs ever! Each episode is 5-7 min long and has a clear and familiar line of dramaturgy that fits well with smaller childrens attention span. The Huggingtons is in development, and aims for an international audience on the TV-screen. The project is supported by Filminvest Film Fund and Midtnorsk Filmsenter.


Ole Kristian Øye and Lars Hegdal


Kjersti Greger

Focusing on the Huggingtons family, our stories will be tight, simple, and driven by Liv experiencing emotions such as elation, anxiety, pride, kindness, etc.