Bug City

In a world populated by humanoid insects, teenage fly Emma has spent all her teenage years fighting for climate change. Now she’s had enough! 

All her campaigns have failed and no one is listening to her. She wants to get her lost teenage years back!

Almost 18, she has yet to experience both love and sex, and with a feeling the world is about to end, Emma decides to make this her new mission. Easier said than done, as any candidate has to pass Emma’s hardcore check list: vegan, second hand clothes, fossil free travel (bike preferred!) and the list goes on…

In the search for her perfect match, Emma will try to hook up with many bug boys, always supported by her best friend Johanna – the nervous butterfly larvae filled with climate anxiety, who has a secret crush on Emma.


The TV-series will be made in a live controlled puppet animated world mixed with 2D-animation and VFX. The show will be made for a teenage audience, and with absurd humour we intend to poke the hornets nest of sex and love, fashion and overconsumption, social justice and living carefree, in this coming of age insect comedy.

In development

The TV-series is currently in script development supported by the Norwegian Film Institute, Filminvest and Midtnorsk Filmsenter.

Produced by

Klipp og Lim Media


Jøran Wærdahl


Kjersti Greger

Script writers

Magnus Aspli, Anders Morgenthaler, Pernille Bønløkke

Production designer

Svein Erik Okstad


Puppet animated TV-series, 8×12’


Comedy, political satire

Target group

Teenagers, young adults

Estimated budget

1,3 million Euros

We’re looking for

Distributors / Broadcasters / Co-producers

International relations and great new collaborations is the goal for development and production phase of this fantastic TV series. Get in touch!

Kjersti Sofie Greger

Creative producer
Tel: 0047 954 88 121