A harried thirty-something is forced to decide whether she wants to be a mother after unexpectedly giving birth to her reproductive organs at her sister’s baby shower.
Surrounded by babies at her sister’s baby shower, EVA (34) is forced to fend off questions left, right and centre about when she’ll be starting a family of her own. As the questions overwhelm her, Eva’s stomach sears with pain. She excuses herself to the bathroom where her flat stomach suddenly swells and she finds herself in labour. Eva pushes and screams as new life is unexpectedly forced out of her. As the pain subsides she finds herself confronted not with a newborn but with OVY, her baby-loving reproductive organs.

Creator and director

Ida Melum

Produced by

Klipp og Lim (NO)/Jante Films (UK)


Kjersti Greger & Michelle Brøndum


Short animation, 12 minutes

Target group

Teenagers, young adults


Laura Jayne Tunbridge

We’re looking for

Financing / Distribution / International sales

The projects is fully developed and ready for production, and we are looking for financing, distribution and international sales

Kjersti Sofie Greger

Creative producer
Tel: 0047 954 88 121