IN DEVELOPMENT Ovary-acting A harried thirty-something is forced to decide whether she wants to be a mother after unexpectedly giving birth to her reproductive organs at her sister’s baby shower.Surrounded by babies at her sister’s baby shower, EVA (34) is forced to fend off questions left, right and centre about when she’ll be starting a […]

Bug City

IN DEVELOPMENT Bug City In a world populated by humanoid insects, teenage fly Emma has spent all her teenage years fighting for climate change. Now she’s had enough!  All her campaigns have failed and no one is listening to her. She wants to get her lost teenage years back! Almost 18, she has yet to […]


https://player.vimeo.com/video/683288158 Short fiction 2022 Fanitullen This violin must only be played on with a light heart, otherwise really bad things will happen!The local fiddler Ragnar is in love with the beautiful young Synnøve, but she is to be unwillingly married to the the richest man in the village; the big, obnoxious brute Big Farmer. In […]

The Huggingtons

IN DEVELOPMENT The Huggingtons The Huggingtons are a very different Viking clan who love to HUG! And at the heart of this family is Liv, the 6-year-old half-human/half-troll girl led by her BIG emotions. Liv enjoys the freedom to explore the fantastic surroundings around her cosy idyllic home which she shares with her family and […]

Tora’s Secret

IN DEVELOPMENT Tora’s secret At a beautiful, desolate farm in Iceland, a young girl who grew up overnight is spotted by some strange and mystical creatures in the mountains. This will be a Christmas adventure she will always remember… Tora’s Secret will be a live action cinematic christmas adventure shot in Iceland and Norway, aimed […]