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Klipp og Lim


Over the years we have produced a number of short fiction films, both live action and in different animated expressions.

We love to develop our storytelling and bring a growing audience into our multifaceted and playful universe. Our projects keep growing more and more ambitious, and on the way we enjoy connecting with great collaborators and talent for the best result.

Take a look at some of our finished awardwinning productions, as well as the exciting work-in-progress on our upcoming filmprojects.

Work in progress: Animated live puppet TV-series for young adults

Bug City

«Set in and around a dingy music bar downtown, in a world filled with anthropomorphic bugs, Bug City is a tactile live-action puppet show about teenage fly Addie Tornburg whose climate campaign went belly up, and her ever-increasing radical attempts to get her message out.»

The show is a dark and outrageous comedy drama, in a world where environmental issues like habitation loss and climate refugees escalate. All wrapped up in a mess of weird insect biology and human shortcomings, about activism, cynicism and idiocy, and how tiresome it is to convince someone to change.

The TV-series will be a live controlled puppet animated world mixed with cgi animation. The universe aim to hit a grown international audience with its current issues, comic twists, strong artistic expression and fun character universe.

The TV-series is currently in script development supported by the Norwegian Film Institute. The development of the series is based on the shortfilm Bug City (Klipp og Lim, 2021) which is supported by Fond for lyd og bilde, Filminvest and Midtnorsk Filmsenter.

Read more about the show in our presentation pdf:

Bug City presentation

Work in progress: Animated TV-series for children


The Huggingtons are a very different Viking clan who love to HUG! And at the heart of this family is Liv, the 6-year-old half-human/half-troll girl led by her BIG EMOTIONS.

Watch our videopresentation of the show!


Liv enjoys the freedom to explore the fantastic surroundings around her cosy idyllic home which she shares with her family and her faithful pet.

Huggingtons’ stories are about the problems that young children encounter such as: losing your first tooth, failing to keep a promise, making a hard choice, or feeling pride before a fall! Showing that it’s okay to have strong feelings, but also demonstrating how to deal with the issues that trigger them.

This is a show with warmth and a cheeky playful sense of fun. All centred around one strange, but very loving family – the Huggingtons!

The Huggingtons is a verbal, preschool series that models resilience through high adventure, whimsical comedy and (most importantly) the warmest hugs ever! Each episode is 5-7 min long and has a clear and familiar line of dramaturgy that fits well with smaller childrens attention span. The Huggingtons is in development, and aims for an international audience on the TV-screen. The project is supported by Filminvest Film Fund and Midtnorsk Filmsenter.

Huggingtons character Liv

Focusing on the Huggingtons family, our stories will be tight, simple, and driven by Liv experiencing emotions such as elation, anxiety, pride, kindness, etc.

Short fiction 2022


«This violin must only be played on with a light heart, otherwise really bad things will happen!»

The local fiddler Ragnar is in love with the beautiful young Synnøve, but she is to be unwillingly married to the the richest man in the village; the big, obnoxious brute Big Farmer. In total despair, Ragnar throws his violin into a dark pond, where a mythical creature hands it back to him in a different shape and with dark forces. This violin must only be played on with a light heart, otherwise really bad things will happen!

Fanitullen is a partly animated short film based on a Norwegian folk lore. Our version is loosely based on the source material, and brings the audience into a dark and twisted world visualised by live action combined with animated faces and cartoons in a style of rubberhouse abstract expressionalism. Fanitullen has been supported by the Norwegian Film Institue, Midtnorsk Filmsenter and Fond for lyd og bilde. The film premiered at The Norwegian Short Film Festival in june 2022, and started its international festival run short after.

Short film / animation


Director: Denise Hauser
Year: 2018

Short film / animation


Director: Lars Hegdal
Year: 2013

Short film: animation and live action

Ballerina Bulldog

Director: Jøran Wærdahl
Year: 2015

Short film


Director: Jøran Wærdahl and Vidar Dahl
Year: 2013

Short film


Director: Jøran Wærdahl and Vidar Dahl
Year: 2011

Short film


Director: Jøran Wærdahl and Vidar Dahl
Year: 2011