A rambunctious Viking girl is torn between her eccentric family’s different traditions as they seek adventure together. No matter how challenging or unpredictable life gets, they learn that a family hug
can ALWAYS make things better.


The sleepy village of Kuddleheim, on the coast of Norway, is hardly a port of call for daring, fearsome Vikings. So, adventure-seeking PIP has to find her own excitement. Especially since her nature-loving troll PAPPA is more likely to hug a tree than wrestle a wolfhound. And her highly-strung pet PIG, hyperventilates every time Pip climbs the garden wall. Fortunately, her Valkyrie MAMMA has an appetite for thrills bigger than all the realms combined.

With great adventure comes great challenge. So, Mamma teaches Pip that resilience is the keys to a happy, successful Viking life. Pappa teaches Pip that following nature is the key to a successful Troll life. Eat when you’re hungry. Sleep when it’s dark. Nap when it’s hot. He does kind of over-emphasize naps. The one thing they both agree on is that life is unpredictable. Your long boat could run aground on Spitsbergen Reef. Your mighty hammer could get stuck to the Magnetic North Pole. Life can be good, bad, fun or frustrating depending on your perspective. The best way to deal with this is through cooperation and helping each other.

While Pip is proud of her Viking/Troll heritage, it leads to some interesting behaviour. When the adventures don’t go as planned, and they never do, Pip’s emotions flare up in TROLL-MODE. These over-reactions are often incited by pigs anxiety over whatever jeopardy he’s placed himself in. Like the time he tangled himself in Pip’s kite and crashed way, way up a yggdy tree. Fall came early as she shook him and all of the leaves from the tree.

Mamma and Pappa always show her that when the going gets tough, the tough get creative. Turns out, Pappa is as resourceful as he is laid back. He can quietly burp up unusual objects on demand. While they are never quite useful, Mamma and Pip combine them into the perfect solution. This leads to a moment of family cue-per-due-per (Viking for cooperation, of course). Crisis averted, Mamma draws everyone into a Valkyrie-strong hug making everything better.

The Huggingtons is a non-verbal, preschool series that models resilience through high adventure, whimsical comedy and (most importantly) the warmest hugs ever!

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Mamma retired early from Valkyrie life to marry Pappa and raise Pip. Yet she never left those thrill-seeking days entirely behind her. She’d much rather sail the longboat around a whirlpool than whirl laundry through the wooshinbokks. That’s not to say she doesn’t run a tight ship where everyone pulls their own weight (even Pappa). She’s always the first up at dawn to plan the next adventure. Oh, and she just might have the biggest, warmest arms that give the biggest, warmest hugs in all of the realms.


Pappa is the warmest, friendliest, most chilled-out Troll you’ll ever meet. He’s not lazy, he’s just lives by ‘nature time.’ He’s devoted to his family and their adventures even if he occasionally snoozes through the most exciting parts. He’s more resourceful than proactive. He also goes into troll-mode like Pip but is better at controlling it. (Where do you think she got it from?) But his most unique trait is the ability to quietly burp up random items from his impressive belly. On their own they are useless but Mamma and Pip always find a way to combine them into just what they need.


Pip has a foot in two worlds and loves them both. She wants to be a Valkyrie like Mamma when she grows up. But she also loves Pappa’s deep connection to nature. As the child of passionate, powerful parents, when she gets frustrated, confused, frightened, or just plain emotional she goes into TROLL-MODE. Her horn-buds sprout branches, she gains extra-ordinary strength and something usually gets broken. Fortunately, Pappa’s easygoing nature calms her down. When things do go well and make her happy she sprouts flowers.


PIG isn’t quite afraid of his own shadow, but it does make him quite uneasy. He is a very emotional pig. He frightens easily, then gets mad at himself for being frightened in the first place. As the runt of his litter, he led a sheltered life before joining the Huggington clan. Now he’s constantly pushed out of his comfort zone. While he loves Pip like a chainmail-clad sister, he wishes she’d look before she leaps. At least before every other leap.

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Some Facts About The Huggintons

• Episodes apr. 5 minutes long

• Target audience: Pre-school

• No verbal communication

• 26 episodes

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