Bug City

Detective Mike’s career at Bug City P.D. is going the way of the insect-equivalent of the dodo, as he begins to investigate the case of a missing bumblebee kid in Broken Cocoon, a downtrodden part of the city.

The Project In Brief

Bug City exists in a handmade and highly detailed universe, now mostly seen in stop-motion films today. We shoot every scene as live action with mechanical and hand-controlled puppets, which give us high production efficiency at a far lower cost than stop-motion. To breathe extra life into our characters and our rainy, filthy world we use CGI and visual effects in a subtle manner, not to detract from the handmade charm.




The detective. Down on his luck and drawn to the bottle. Middle-aged, divorced and a distant father. And on top of that, a housefly. Things couldn’t look worse, except he’s on his way to Broken Cocoon, on the case that might break him.


The diva. Only problem is Martha has seen her better days, and they ain’t coming back. Bound for greatness—as her mother used to tell her—but ended up bound to Broken Cocoon. The dream of leaving for the glamorous parts of Bug City have remained… a dream.


The bartender. One tap. Seven and a half decent eye. Eight legs. 44 types of liquor. Lifetimes of the worries of drunken bugs. Tarantula Bobby has you sorted.


The drunk. He knows more than he’d ever imagine, if only he’d remember the morning after. Willy might be the key to crack the whole case wide open, but crack might get him first.

Key Creators

Behind the scenes

Some Facts About Bug City

Episodes approx. 5 minutes long

Target audience: Not for caterpillars

10 episodes in rain

For more information about the project, contact torstein@klippoglim.no

All rights reserved Klipp og Lim 2016